Killswitch Guild

 Thank you for joining Killswitch, one of the longest running most successful guilds in Tamriel. If you need an invite, message username buttface1 on the PlayStation Network. 

To get more involved in the guild please request to be added to our PSN message board and join our discord to access the KS fox-bot at:

The KS fox-bot provides daily pledges, item prices, weekend vendor inventories, set details, and much more. It's awesome!

The KS Guild is founded upon the value of helping others, making ESO more fun for everyone, and fairness. We welcome all players at any level from any faction. 

We Need You: Member efforts boost our bidding power to win the best guild trader locations. To be successful, we need all members to work as a team by selling & donating to the guild bank

Guild Raffles going on NOW!!!

We also have a few allied guilds that are smaller with occasional traders: guild invites available from buttface1